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The Concept Album WHO AM is on the way and a second single will be released August 7, 2023 on every music site - earlier Rick Line Music has released the single WHY DOES IT ALWAYS AND THIS WAY - from the same album ..
In A New Light - Updated versions of Rick Whittell favorites as well as some new songs - released 2023
Book Rick Whittell 2021/2022
Some clips from Rick Whittell performances thrpugh the years
the single GO (Special version) released 2023
NOBODY INTENDED TO GO TO WAR - An uptempo radio aired single released 2023 with references to a special war
Who is Rick Whittell - a presentation for the Swedish market ..
ETT VAPEN HOS FEL MAN - Svensk Låt skriven samma morgon Ryssland invaderade Ukraina, d.v.s. 24 februari 2022
PR for two singles released 2022 WHY DOES IT ALWAYS END THIS WAY (from th upcoming album Who Am I - and SOMEONE´S LOST IN THE MIST (live from Engelen, Sweden) radio aired in U.S./England