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2020/2021 - Gigs

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After two successful years with a number of International Chart toppers, Reviews and Radio activities it will be fun to continue performing at different places.

Our plans for 2020 was of course is to perform in different cities and places this year. The Corona virus Cocid - 19, changed these plans a bit, but give us a call or mail for a secure, safe performance.

Besides promoting the "Even If Time Goes By" and the new "Signs Along the Road" - 24-song Double Album (Release; November 9, 2020) we will also present with a lot of completing music surprises - never heard!

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A Singer / Songwriter Evening!

Rick Whittell - You can book Rick Whittell with Band or as a more intimate Singer/Songwriter, an unplugged more relaxed session for an melancholic. event, songs about different reflective views of life. We play always original songs, Rick Whittell is NOT a cover band.

It´s also possible to book us for music and workshops for companies as a part of  teambuilding projects - personal and professional development. Rick is a very experienced consult in organisational development - leadership and teambuiliding projects.

Why not use music as a nice way of develop your company or as a part of an evening with food, music and joy for your staff.

Performed Original Tracks On Stage 2017 - 2018 - 2019 -2020

"Someone´s Lost In The Mist" - "Angeline" - "Your Name Is Time" - "Scotland Days" - "The Desert Of Loneliness" - "The Road Of My Heart" - "Celia" - "One Man´s Words" - "I Won´t Let You Go" - "Send Them Away With A Cabincruiser" - "The Reasons Are So Many" - "The Ashes Of A Broken Dream" - "I´m Gonna Take The Lead" - "Every Moment" - "To Be Young Again" - "As Long As I´ve Known You" - "Nobody Ever Intended To Go To War"  - "Signs Along The Road" - "The Face Of Real Me" - "Ditt Eget Hav" - "Time To Leave"  -"I´ll Lose Someone Tonight" - "I´ll Take You Back" - " Flower" - She´s On The Road - New Orleans - A Bedtime Story ´- There´s Always One Morning After - "Where´s All The Money Comin From" - "Even If" - I Didn´t Run After You - All These Different Roads - We - Aggressive Songs - What Are We Supposed To Do - Open Your Door - Don´t Let Me Wait Another Day - Heaven Street - One Time Too Many - What Are You Running For - Days - Zang Zee Williba Nizion - Nothing´s Black or White - You Lie - If Love Is Really Love - Easy to Lie - You Helped Me To Find The Road - I Was the Only One Alive - I Don´t Want To Hurt You - Is This Your Dream - I Found Another City - Magic Moments - The Wrong Direction - Julia - I´m Going Home - Hollywood - It´s Knockin On Your Door - Sanna´s on the Highway - Run to the Sun - Go - Don´t Let Them In - Even If Time Goes By - A Shoulder to Cry On - No Higher View - I Don´t Care