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Spring/Summer/Autumn 2019 - Gigs!

BOOKING +46706615637 email:

After this successful year with a lot of International Chart toppers, Reviews and Radio activities it will be fun to continue playing at different places.

We´re performing in different cities and places around Sweden this year. Besides promoting "Signs Along The Road", we will also perform a lot of other songs from the past as well as songs from our forthcoming follow-up album, hopefully released within a few months

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A Singer / Songwriter Evening!

Rick LIne - You can book Rick Line with Band or as a more intimate Singer/Songwriter, an unplugged more relaxed session for an melancholic. event, songs about different reflective views of life. We play always original songs, Rick Line is NOT a cover band.

It´s also possible to book Rick Line for music and workshops for companies as a part of  teambuilding projects - personal and professional development. Rick is a very experienced consult in organisational development - leadership and teambuiliding projects.

Why not use music as a nice way of develop your company or as a part of an evening with food, music and joy for your staff.

Performed Tracks On Stage 2017 - 2018 - 2019

"Someone´s Lost In The Mist" - "Angeline" - "Your Name Is Time" - "Scotland Days" - "The Desert Of Loneliness" - "The Road Of My Heart" - "Celia" - "One Man´s Words" - "I Won´t Let You Go" - "Send Them Away With A Cabincruiser" - "The Reasons Are So Many" - "The Ashes Of A Broken Dream" - "I´m Gonna Take The Lead" - "Every Moment" - "To Be Young Again" - "As Long As I´ve Known You" - "Nobody Ever Intended To Go To War"  - "Signs Along The Road" - "The Face Of Real Me" - "Ditt Eget Hav" - "Time To Leave"  -"I´ll Lose Someone Tonight" - "I´ll Take You Back" - " Flower" - She´s On The Road - New Orleans - A Bedtime Story ´- There´s Always One Morning After - "Where´s All The Money Comin From" - "Even If" - I Didn´t Run After You - All These Different Roads - We - Aggressive Songs - What Are We Supposed To Do - Open Your Door - Don´t Let Me Wait Another Day - Heaven Street - One Time Too Many - What Are You Running For - Days - Zang Zee Williba Nizion - Nothing´s Black or White - You Lie - If Love Is Really Love - Easy to Lie - You Helped Me To Find The Road - I Was the Only One Alive - I Don´t Want To Hurt You - Is This Your Dream - I Found Another City - Magic Moments - The Wrong Direction - Julia - I´m Going Home - Hollywood - It´s Knockin On Your Door - Sanna´s on the Highway


Signs Along the Road

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