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6 Nov

Contuining Recording Sessions in November 2019 and what a magic performance by Janne Schaffer on the upcoming "Even If Time Goes By" - album

11/6/2019 11:38 AM
A lot is going on right now, two albums are almost completed, a song initially meant for Eurovision Song Contest will be recorded and included on One of the two forthcoming albums, but we have finally decided to skip the plan about Eurovision Song Contest - it´s not the forum we want to be connected to.

One of the worlds most appreciated guitarists, Janne Schaffer (Abba, Ted Gärdestad, Bjorn J:son Lind, Toto etc) made a magic session on our upcoming album "Even If Time Goes By"! A release worth waiting for and enjoy!

We are also very happy to have Sweden´s most talented and famous flamenco guitarist Erik Steen, on our album as well as a lot of very professional internationally experienced musicians.

Photo sessions have been made and work with the album covers. More than 20 songs are recorded and there are even more to be recorded in November.

The recording sessions has been very positive and the album(s) will really include a wide mix of different music styles with roots in music from the 60's and 70's!
Many of the tracks have mainly been recorded live, to give you a feeling of "being there" when you listen to the tracks.

Something for everyone .. some songs are not immediate, but I feel .. and that was the intention while composing them, that they will grow with every listening.

A long music journey will end this November 2019! Keep your eyes open, check the news here now and then.