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31 Jul

The Story behind "I DON´T WANNA PLAY AGGRESSIVE SONGS" on Number One Music 2019-07-28

7/31/2019 8:09 PM
Four days before the gig a Kalvhagen, Södvik, Öland (Aug 2) Rick Line open the door to the first cut on the new upcoming album,
"I Dont´Wanna Play Aggressive Songs" is a song based on a true story:

A long time ago I heard about a former punkrocker who suddenly decided to change music style.
He expressed his decision (as I remember), the reasons almost litterally as they are expressed in the lyrics in the song this way;

"I was tired of being so angry and just focus, satisfy the aggressive noisy part of the audience, what about the one sitting alone at the table in the corner .. in need of consolation, heart and care, the one who maybe wants a deep change in his life"

I wanted to reach new people, and it took a lot of courage to play the kind of soft songs I so deeply had rejected (and even made funny jokes about) all these years.
I did not just reach new people, I reached myself, I discovered the weak, scary part of myself and I thank Universe or whatever you call it for that"

The man´s story about this decision made a deep impact on me and therefore in that mood I wrote the song.

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