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25 Mar

More about "Signs Along The Road" - New Album - Release April, 2018

3/25/2018 2:46 PM
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Back in Nox Studios, Jarfalla for a few hours for a final recording session finishing the title song on the CD/Album "Signs Along The Road"

Intensive work continues for the new album - "Signs Along The Road" - for release in April, 2018!

The album will consist of a mix of different music styles, rock/pop inspired by the 60´s, latininspired songs, acoustic tunes, ballads, countrypop, melancholy tunes and tunes for the dance floor and words reflecting different parts of life.

The album is a natural follow up to the success this year with a lot of songs on National and/or International charts

March 2018, around 230.000 plays on Number One Music,

Eight (8) songs as No. 1 on the Swedish Singer Songwriter Chart Top 100, 2017 - 2018

Three (3) songs as No. 1 on the Swedish All Music Genres Chart Top 100, 2017 - 2018

2018 - A song as No. 2 on the Global Singer Songwriter Chart Top 1000.


We´re very excited about the new album and the response from fans all over the world..

Image from Swedish most selling newspaper Aftonbladet February 24, 2018 
(webb-TV /article)