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Rick Line - Composer/Artist/Singer-Songwriter

Rick Line - Songs with soul, mind and humanity as basic values.

Rick LIne - the veteran that started a new sensational music career after a serious bicycle accident 2016 that could have cost his life.. Recovered by writing songs and practising guitar playing to make his badly hurt hands work again.

Now - suddenly 1 1/2 year later  topping National and International Charts with a couple of these songs. 

Now 2018 an album is on it´s way and a lot of gigs are booked in different parts of Sweden.

His songs has been radio aired in different countries, U.S, Canada, Asia, Scandinavia and other European countries.


Music with soul and heart -

"Time To Leave" - a song about saying nice words of love and appreciation while you still have each other. Life can change or disappear within seconds - so don´t wait too long!

From a performance in Stockholm October 2017

Someone´s Lost In The Mist

A important message to all of us

A song about empathy and not to forget the one out there living a complete different life.